You can use your own boxes/packaging as long as it is suitable to safely transport your items in. We recommend avoiding plastic boxes for shipping items. We do not accept suitcases/bags as packaging.

Items should not be strapped or wrapped together as one piece, this will severely affect the integrity of any items strapped together inside an automated couriers network and any parcels strapped/wrapped together will not be covered by compensation cover.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a packaging service. It is your responsibility to package all items; if you are not at the collection address, it is always your responsibility to ensure the sender has packaged the shipment appropriately.

We recommend ensuring all items are packaged properly before booking a collection. We recommend shipping most items In double-walled cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. If your shipment is not packaged appropriately, then the courier has a right to refuse it. 

Plastic boxes, bin bags, laundry bags are not suitable for transporting items and would be considered inappropriate packaging. Please do not use plastic boxes, storage boxes. 

Please note, we do not accept suitcases/bags as packaging. 

NI Parcels does not provide services for pallets. If you send items that are on a pallet or may be required to be palletised, you will receive additional surcharges for this.

Charges for pallets may start at a minimum of around 250 GBP or the relevant surcharge imposed by the courier in addition to your shipping costs.

It is your responsibility to use appropriate packaging, it is not the couriers. The couriers may collect items in inappropriate packaging, this does not mean the packaging would be considered appropriate as the courier assumes you are sending your packages knowing of the potential risk for damage.

If using the NI Parcels Economy or Express service items must be packaged in cardboard boxes or crates as per this specification. For large items please see this specification. It is your responsibility to package all items, we do not offer a packaging service.