At the moment, as long as you are sending domestically or within the EU, you will not need to pay any customs charges.

With the UK leaving the EU a the start of 2021, this means that sending items to for from the UK Mainland and the EU, there will be customs checks and possible charges. 

This does not apply to shipments to or from Northern Ireland due to the Northern Ireland Protocol.

You may be liable for customs charges for items being sent, for this reason, you will be asked to complete a Commercial Invoice after you place your booking. 

The recipient in the destination country will be liable for any customs charges as it will be the destination country that imposes these. Please make your recipient aware of this as the courier will often contact them directly about this.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict or foresee customs charges as these are decided upon by the local customs authority in the destination country. For guidance on possible duties please contact your local customs authority who should be able to advise.